YOU WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATE for a 6-month contract with a minimum of 4 hours per month

Some of our clients require routine organizational "touch-ups." For the low discounted rate of only $65/hour, one of our organizers will visit you every month for at least 4 hours. In order to receive this rate, you will need to commit to a contract of at least 6 consecutive months in length and services must be paid in full in advance. We will be happy to customize your contract to specify the exact number or hours and months you prefer! Do you want to do 6 hours per month for 9 months? Sure, we can do that! We're flexible!


Please call or text us at (833) TIDYUP-1 (that's 833-843-9871) or email us at and we'll develop your own personalized organizing schedule!

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