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Clutterbusters Atlanta owner, Gina Hardin, insists she isn't covering her face because she's thinking about excess clutter. We don't believe her. (Incidentally, this is the last time she was shy.)

Initial Greeting - Emma Clarke
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Voicemail Greeting - Emma Clarke
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Clutterbusters has successfully completed more than 50,000 hours of organizing nationwide for nearly two decades and has been featured on TLC’s popular show Hoarding: Buried Alive, Dr. Phil, and many news programs.

Since opening our doors in 2002 and Clutterbusters has become the premier organizing company and one of the leading innovators in the organizing profession. Fully bonded and insured, all our organizers are covered by workers compensation insurance, and thoroughly background checked. We specialize in small, medium, or large jobs where many hours of organizing may be required. We can have one organizer come out and work with you or a team of organizers.

All our Organizers undergo thorough, extensive training.

You’ve come to this site for a reason. Perhaps your home office is a disaster area, and you’ve misplaced bills or other important papers; maybe your kids’ rooms are so full of toys that you can no longer walk; maybe the last time you parked your car in the garage was in 1977, perhaps you’ve given up hope of ever finding anything in your messy, chaotic basement; and just the thought about tackling these jobs by yourself gives you major stress and concern. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We're here to help.

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of seeing your clutter disappear within hours, be prepared. We guarantee you will be shocked and amazed at the speed and skill in which your home is transformed. We are trained and experienced hands-on organizers.


Our highly talented team of Clutterbusters organizers is ready, willing and able to tackle any size job, from routine to extreme, including hoarding environments. In fact, the tougher the clutter challenge, the more excited we get when we see it disappear. Just imagine how you will feel!

Fun fact:  Our voicemail greetings were recorded by the great Emma Clarke. She was featured as the voice of The Starship Avalon in the movie Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt and she is the Public Address voice of the London Underground, recording the iconic line "Please Mind the Gap."  Listen to them here:

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